Sibos 2022: BaaS provider delays cost fintechs $11m a year – ClearBank & Aite-Novarica

Sibos 2022: BaaS provider delays cost fintechs $11m a year – ClearBank & Aite-Novarica

New research from ClearBank and Aite-Novarica Group reveals that half of fintechs are losing $11m per year in product delays due to BaaS (Banking-as-a-Service) providers. The report states that fintech firms must now embrace an embedded banking approach.

Sibos TV: HSBC launches digital platform to revolutionise trade finance – Oct 2022

HSBC is launching a major digital platform to revolutionise trade finance in its two largest markets – the United Kingdom and Hong Kong. HSBC Trade Solutions, known as HTS, will make trade simpler, faster, and safer for customers through integrated digital journeys, and has been developed in partnership with IT and business services company CGI.

Vinay Mendonca, Chief Growth Officer for the Global Trade and Receivables Finance business at HSBC, and David York, Vice President, Head of Banking and Financial Markets UK at CGI, sit down with Sibos TV to reasons behind their partnership and platform.

Sibos TV: Urgency required to improve international payments – Oct 2022

There is a united drive to improve multi-currency international payments to make them faster, more transparent, cheaper and more accessible. José Luis Langa, Deputy Managing Director at Iberpay, explains why the international financial community needs to act now to improve the payments industry and provide a compelling service, or risk being displaced.

Javier Pérez-Tasso, CEO, Swift – View from Sibos 2022

Ahead of the first in-person Sibos in three years, Javier Pérez-Tasso, CEO of Swift, talks to Joy Macknight about the big challenges the Swift community has faced over the past few years, the approaching ISO 20022 go-live date, and what he thinks will be the buzz on the conference floor.

FinextraTV @ Sibos: Digital assets- Ready for center stage at Sibos

Gilbert Verdian, Founder and CEO, Quant joins FinextraTV at this year’s Sibos, discussing what needs to happen for digital assets to gain traction amongst institutions, digital money’s role in B2B and Quant’s thoughts on the world’s central banks adopting digital currency in the future.

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